How to Fantasise during hot encounter with escorts

Sexual fantasies of men and women are like fish and water. It is now proved that both men and women think about sexual fantasies. There are many reasons make a man tight in his pants and a woman wet in her dress, you need to know about these fantasies. Mostly men fantasies more than the women. Here is a big black book of these fantasies keeps a man getting bigger while getting escorts services. According the different research information men think about sex every 7 minutes, many men think about it every day, some of them think few times a month or week.

Adult movies and porn industries are now a multibillion dollar industry due to these fantasies and working to satisfy these desires. However, if you have some time may be you are thinking about one these scenarios while that quick trip to the balcony or bathroom. Let’s know about the most desirous fantasies all the time:


An amazing experience of hot encounter with two woman Delhi escorts and a glass of red-wine. For centuries it is in use by people but it has gained popularity for the last few decades. Mostly men fantasise this situation and want to experience it for best sexual pleasure. Millions of people desires about same sex action. It is an amazing hot action with two girls. You get the chances to get engaged with two adoring bodies.


A park, the back seat of the car, the  men’s bathroom, personal sex tapes, the elevator- these are all common fantasise place of exhibition sex. If your escort companion has not experienced this but think about it then this fantasy is for you. Be careful because people are all around us and there is the threat of being captured if you express any posture on your face at all, so you need to sit quietly there trying to remain yourself. However, the truth of bondage is not for all, the fantasy of being controlled or in control is one shared by many men.


Are you searching for domination by hot independent escorts Goa. Being a dominated partner is a sizzling fantasy of many women. So, at the time of hot encounter you it becomes easy to ask her about this. In different movies like 50 Shades of Grey, while moving on the hot female fantasy of becoming the partner of dominance and bondage by a lover’s fixation with her sensuality, this fantasy gets your escort partner going and may be ever will. Domination and being dominate both are the desired fantasies of men as well as women.

Girl-on-Girl action

To what extent will you be like to take a look at this photograph and enjoy it? We’re thinking it could be hours, unless sporting event or the share market is going wild or some other male sexual enhancer comes into action. Most men would happily watch two women savor every detail or having an intimate encounter they would presumably like to bounce in and change it to a trio.

Men dream different other fantasies during hot encounter with Indian escorts it will be an amazing time for your sexual desire if you find success in completing all these fantasies.