Conor McGregor has made a bold prediction for his fight with Aldo

Conor McGregor is in typically confident mood

Conor McGregor is in typically confident mood

While doing a round of press for ESPN yesterday, Conor McGregor made a confident prediction for how his title fight with Jose Aldo will go.

Speaking to ESPN, McGregor said: “I always make accurate predictions. I have predicted many contests. I have my entire career. I predict the future. For me, I have already predicted this contest. At four minutes of the first round he will be KO’ed. I feel that the power matched with the precision, he will not be able to take it. Four minutes he will be done.”

Asked where the confidence came from, McGregor said: 

“I’m in a business where you must be confident. If you have any doubts they will come back and play against you. So I am supremely confident as well as I am confident in my work ethic. My approach to the game, my non-stop effort to get better as a martial artist. I don’t feel that anyone else in the game is doing what I’m doing and moving the way I am moving.

“It just comes from years and years of practice on the mat. I have had many fights inside the octagon, outside the octagon, in rings, on mats. I am an experienced veteran in the fight game. Through that and through a believe team and my ability I have just gained a bulletproof confidence that I cannot be stopped.”

Of course, we still don't know if the title fight will definitely go ahead, as the Brazilian champ has a rib injury that is serious, but perhaps not serious enough to rule him out of the fight. 

If Aldo does pull out, meaning Chad Mendes steps in for an interim title bout, Notorious isn't too bothered, as he said on Saturday: "There should be no reason to pull out of this contest. But if he does, that's on him and I cannot force another individual to step in there. If I ask myself truly, would I like to step in there and face me, I'd probably go running, too. If it's little mini Mendes, we'll smoke him, too."


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