Bet who will win or the exact result can be as easy or common, but sometimes a little monotonous. For players who want to try their luck in other categories, here are our recommendations to try another type of betting.

The top scorer of Euro 2016

While you decide which is the best sportsbook to start betting, we leave a list of potential players who could stand as top scorers of Euro 2016.

In most teams, the offensive responsibilities are shared between several players. Bookies predict a duel between Thomas Müller and Cristiano Ronaldo for the Golden Boot at Euro 2016.

To increase your chances, it is better to bet on a star player selected in this type of betting. That’s why these are our recommendations:

Cristiano Ronaldo: Portugal has little chance of winning the competition, but the group does not seem complicated, so it is easy to reach the second round. The Real Madrid player does not need many games to score many goals. Therefore it is one of the favorites to claim victory.

Thomas Müller: he Was one step away from winning the award during the World Cup, but finally it went to James Rodriguez. The Germans go as favorites and are expected to reach the final or win the championship, so have opportunities Müller.

Antoine Griezmann: The French, who currently plays as a second striker at Atletico Madrid could also have possibilities. Many give to France favorite, and this could lead to Griezmann to the final. Although much remains to be seen to bet on him.
The teams of the final at Euro 2016

Instead of betting on who will win, you can bet on who will be the teams that reach the final. The combinations are many with this type of bet, but probably only a few are actually possible:

At first glance it seems difficult to predict, but if you look group group we get to guess what the possible clashes. For example, a final between France and Germany is the most likely according to the bookmakers. Now if the two teams had just first of their group, they would cope in the semifinals.

Of course we can always expect surprises in the group stage. But according to forecasts, we can divide the favorite teams into two parts: those at the top of the table and the bottom. Would read:

top: Spain, England, Portugal, Italy.
Bottom: Germany, France, Belgium, Croatia.
Logically, one of the groups of the upper reach the final and one from the bottom. The most reasonable considering the possible semifinal Franco-German, is a final between France and Spain or Germany-Spain , but the most optimistic or ambitious might prefer a England-Belgium, or Spain-Croatia.

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