Get to Know the Most Common Online Slots Features

Learning about the most common Goldenslots features get you on the right track in terms of maximizing the offers of a game or machine that will allow you to win bigger prizes or earn rewards as a result. And to get you started, check out the following.

Slots Quick Bits

Slots have come a long way since the first 3-reel machine, Liberty Bell, was invented by Charles Fey in 1895. Today, you can find all sorts of slots from themed and fruit slots and video slots to reel slots, available online, mobile or apps. But even if slots have come a long, long way in development and forms, still their outcomes are determined by a random number generator (RNG), either in a land-based or internet-based casino.

What are the different slots features?

The games don’t have the same qualities and requirements as well as mechanics and rules, as they’re not from the same providers or developers. Thus, it will be wise to know of these before playing a slot game online.  As a basic, slots have features or special functions that other machines or games do not have. For an overview, keep reading.

Online Slots Features

  1. Bonus games: One of the most important features of slots online is that they let you play bonus rounds or games, like games featured at the holiday palace. These games let you win an extra amount of money if you win. A bonus game works by awarding you a prize if you have correctly lined up specific reel symbols. Usually, it takes you to another screen to play before you will be led back into the main game.  Some of these bonus games feature video graphics, others pretty straightforward. And then some require skill, while the others are just random.
  2. Cascading reels: This feature offers members an alternative on how these slots work.  With cascading reels, the icons within a specific fruit slots, for instance, fall in order to give room for a new selection. Also, a winning icons or symbols disappear or cascade, letting new icons appear, cascading down and filling up the empty slots.
  3. Different coin requirements: Values and requirements let different types of players—casual gamblers or high rollers, to pick their game and wager based on their budget and preference.
  4. Free spins: As the bonus implies, it gives players free spins, which vary from one game to another. This is offered by both land-based and online casinos to give members the chance to boost their winnings. But how this feature is triggered varies from a machine to another.  For one, you will get a free spin or free spins if you lined up symbols in a row on one of the reels. The number of free spins isn’t the same, so you should read the mechanics of the game you plan to play.
  5. Scatterers: As a general rule, scatter symbols don’t really have to follow the rule of slots wherein you need to line up specific symbols on a particular payline to win. The scatterers, therefore, are called the slot player’s friend, because they can show up on any reel to award you a prize or trigger a bonus round, like a free spin.  More often than not, the scatter symbol is the highest paying of all symbols and it is represented by the overall concept of the game.

Above is only a quick overview that does not make up for all the kinds of slot bonuses offered by online casinos, like the Holiday Palace, that you could exploit in order to win more money in your slot games. But as a general rule of thumb, read the game’s mechanics and rules before playing for the best experience as possible.

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