Roy Keane’s feisty verdict on Dortmund’s Champions League terror

Keane backed UEFA's decision to sanction Dortmund's game against Monaco

Keane backed UEFA’s decision to sanction Dortmund’s game against Monaco

Roy Keane has backed UEFA’s decision to play the Champions League quarter-final between Borussia Dortmund and Monaco, just a day after the Dortmund team coach was attacked by terrorists.

Nail bombs were detonated near the bus carrying Thomas Tuchel’s Dortmund side to the stadium for their quarter-final against Monaco, which had to be postponed on Tuesday night following the attack.

With Dortmund defender Marc Bartra in hospital recovering from the injuries he suffered in the attack, his manager Thomas Tuchel is among those who have lashed out at UEFA after their decided the game should go ahead on Wednesday.

“We were informed by text message that UEFA was making this decision,” the Dortmund boss told a news conference after his side’s 3-2 defeat.

“A decision made in Switzerland that concerns us directly. We will not forget it, it is a very bad feeling.

“A few minutes after this attack, the only question that was asked was, ‘Are you ready to play?’. As if we had thrown a beer on our coach.

“At that time, we did not know the reasons for this attack. There is a feeling of helplessness. The date was imposed on us. What we think has not interested anyone. We weren’t asked about playing the game.

“I just wanted more time, a few more days. In a few days, we will not have digested completely but time helps us to find a solution.

“It is important to have a chance to realise this dream and our team was not at the top in concentration to make a difference at this level.

“UEFA is eager to continue playing. Of course we have to keep it going, but we still want to be competitive. We do not want to use the situation as an excuse.

“We wished we would have had more time to deal with what happened, but someone in Switzerland decided we must play.”

Dortmund midfielder Nuri Sahin was among those who admitted his focus was not on the game, but former Ireland defender Keane insisted the game should have been played.

“It was shocking, shocking scenes, especially with one of the players seriously injured, but I think it was right that the game went ahead,” declared Keane, speaking to ITV Sport.

“If the game had been cancelled, you are almost letting the lunatics win.

“Both sets of players deserve great credit because they performed really well in a really entertaining game.

“I have been in games that were delayed for certain reasons or called off, but I have never been on a coach where there has been explosions going off. It is hard to judge that (how players react).”

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