Some Important Terms You should Remember when Playing Online Slot Games

When you’re new to online slot games, there may be some words and terms that you’re not familiar with – that’s perfectly normal since every online community and every online game has a bit of a learning curve. Luckily, when it comes to slot games, it’s a very short learning curve and you should feel confident that you’ll get the game and the terminology after just a few tries. Are there really that many features or new aspects? Not at all! But it’s always wise to brush up before you enter the zone. For those who may be confused with the new vocabulary, here are some important terms you should remember when playing online slot games.

Learn the symbols

 These are different from game to game. Some classic varieties still offer the famous cherries and bells – but other varieties are theme-based and a wide range of symbols are used. Often they have their own names, and they may have their own vocabulary to indicate winning combinations. See what the symbols and the winning combinations are called so you know what other players are talking about.


Some terms in the chat room

Aside from terms such as “GG” (Good game) and “LOL”, you’ll notice these two pop up regularly:

  • RNG – Random Number Generator. In real life, brick-and-mortar slot games, the way the slots fall into place will depend on a mechanical feature that spins the slots around until they automatically settle in a random position. Electronically, this is done by a random number generator that decides where the slots land. RNG is, in essence, the equivalent of throwing a pair of dice in software lingo.
  • Rtp – Return to player. Every casino (including those online) has overhead, so the money that is entered will never be returned to the players in full. Traditionally, casinos take about 10 to 20% of the money and distribute about 80 to 90% back to the winners. This rate (returned to players), is called the Rtp. Online gaming sites usually have a much higher Rtp than land-based casinos.

Bonus features

Chances are there will be many bonus features and bonus rounds – they too, have different names, so like the names of symbols and combinations, they are worth learning.

Of course, the terminology described above is only in general, and each game will be different – each game will have its own vocabulary, especially if you’re playing slots online with a theme from a TV show like Deal or No Deal (who can forget those major TV game show winners, such as Tegen Roberts, who walked away with £250000 after opening the 1p as the first box!). If you’re a little confused at first, don’t worry: you’re sure to get the hang of it pretty soon. And, when you think about it, it’s kind of cool to be able to speak your own language with like-minded people. It means you belong to a club.

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