Review of the online slot machine Gladiator

Slot machines on historical topics with themes inspired by many different periods of world historical eras, are certainly among the most widespread and the most appreciated by both real players from the virtual ones, and the specific segment sees continuous new “additions” that They are inserted in the same thematic strand. Issues concerning the ancient peoples, above all Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, are therefore developed continuously, and the trail was perhaps too wrought, these slots do not cease to exercise its charm, which obviously derive precisely from those historical periods in they want to be inspired. Among the online slot machines (nearly 20 all new for the online market), launched by the online casinos Want to Win, casinos we have used in demo mode for the purposes of our review, a they face in a “traditional” (but perhaps for this satisfactory) a historical theme for sure among the most appreciated (and used, we would add) the era of the Gladiators in the period of the Late Roman Empire: the slot in question is called “Gladiator”.

It is appropriate to specify that the “Gladiator” slot that we are reviewing is that proposed by the Microgaming software platform, on which the casino Fancy Winning is based; It must specify it here as a slot machine by the same name also exists in online casinos with Playtech platform: so better specify immediately to clear up any possible misunderstanding. We take this opportunity to remind you that the software company Microgaming (offering its platform not only to the casinos Want to win but also to other brands of both the online and international markets, such as Betway and All Slots), remains the one that best implements and develops new online slot machines, and so if you want to try, maybe just for fun, a variety of slot machines would strongly recommend you to use maybe just the operator that we used us.

We have proven in mode, then for fun, to online casinos Want to Win, one of the new entries in the online gaming market; It is a casino operating with concession owned by GM Gaming Ltd., Maltese-registered company, which has among the main strengths can prove directly from the web, without the need for registration, some of their games including many online slot machines. Specifically, the “Gladiator” slot is available only in the download version, but even in this case do not worry, downloading and installation is very simple and to play in demo mode no registration is required!

  1. Wheels / rollers : 5
  2. Pay lines : 50
  3. Minimum value token : 0:01
  4. Token Maximum value : 0.20
  5. Maximum Bet : 500
  6. Main Jackpot : Not present
  7. Secondary jackpots : Not present
  8. Game Speed : Adjustable
  9. Autoplay : Present and Adjustable
  10. Software : Microgaming
  11. Special features : Free Spins, Wild Function
  12. Available For : All Slots Casino, Casino Betway, Want to Win


If you are reading this article, you will enter into the group of rookies casino. Calm down ! We have all been beginners, but as you will see below is not very complicated.

We know that Eurovegas no longer be built in Madrid , but we do not care. There are plenty of places with traditional casinos and online in which to develop your skills. If you are a beginner of the roulette or blackjack or even know the list of games of a casino, we can help.

Game List

The list of games in a casino is not always the same, it will depend on the casino. However, there are some common ones that every player should know :


Roulette is the most legendary gambling casinos both traditional and online. In roulette bets you can make numbers or simple bets such as red / black, odd / even… With minor differences, we distinguish between three types of roulette wheels:

French or European : It consists of 37 numbers from 0 to 36. When the ball lands on 0, players have two options: leave the bet on the table until the next roll or withdraw the bet recovering only half of the amount wagered.
American from 0 : As France has 37 numbers from 0 to 36. If the ball lands on 0, players who have made ​​single bets recover half of the amount wagered.
Two American 00 : Unlike the other two, it has 38 numbers, from 0 to 36 plus the double zero (00). Generally, when the ball falls to 0 in this type of roulette, players with simple bets lose all the amount wagered, unless otherwise specified.

Black Jack

Blackjack is played based on a point system and is one of the easiest games to understand casino.

In blackjack all players play against the dealer (the bank), so the idea is to win it. The goal is to get a move above the dealer without ever going over 21 points.


Players make their bets and then the dealer deals the cards. Each player receives two cards and the dealer will distribute himself one card too. The card values ​​are:

2 to 10 : The same value of the card.
J, Q, K : always be worth 10.
As : It will be worth 1 or 11 depending on the interest of the player, that is, whether or not it is passed 21.
Once all members have their cards, each player speaks. Players have 4 options:

– Request letter : players can pedblack Jackgo as many cards as they wish. In the case of going over 21 the player loses the bet.

– Stand : The player believes that it has a good play and if you ask letter will happen, so he decides to stay as it is.

– Double the bet : After receiving the first two cards, each player has the option to double the bet, however, having doubled the bet option will only receive one more card.

– Separate : If the first two cards have the same value, they can be separated, thus making two separate moves.


Sometimes it seems that luck is on our side and everything goes as we want. Yes, it is true that it is not usual, but occasionally, occurs.

The ruling is that we can not choose when and where the luck with us.

Because to win in casino games is an important factor chance-and there can not do anything-, other factors have to see where we can decide.

Although nothing is certain and no magic formula, there are certain tactics that can help you when making your bets in the casino.

If you do not know how to play blackjack or types of roulette there in a casino, we recommend you take a look at our article on casino for novice before reading on.

roulette strategies

Although roulette is a game of chance and therefore can not modify or its outcome, there are certain practices that you can take to increase your chances of winning.

This is based on one of the theories of the French mathematician Alembert. According to the Law of Equilibrium , and a very brief, considering a large sample of results, successes and failures are balanced.

Taking this into account, and carried roulette, which says this strategy is:

After each bet won , you must subtract 1 unit to the next bet.
After each loss you must add 1 unit to the next bet.
They decrease and increase bets based on arithmetic and not geometric factors. In the Martingale strategy, if you lose the bet the fold in the next round, here on the other hand, if you lose the bet in the next round will increase by 1 unit.

To better understand the concept look at the following example:

Imagine that we carry out this strategy and we will always bet on red.

Round 1: We bet 1 € and goes black. Balance: -1
Ronda2: bet 2 € goes black. Balance: -1-1 = -2
Round 3: bet 3 € and goes black. Balance -1-1-1 = -3
Round 4: 4 € bet goes red. Balance -3 + 4 = 1
Round 5: bet 3 € and red leaves. Balance = 1 + 3 = 4
Round 6: bet 2 € goes black, Balance 4-2 = 2
D’Alembert strategy predicts that the final balance will be positive and equal to the number of winning bets we’ve had. As you see, in the example we end up with a balance of +2 and had obtained red ball 2 times 6.

Online Gambling: Strategies That Increase the Odds of Winning


Gambling is a recreational activity that never ceases to get old. The thrill and excitement that comes from testing our mettle in games of chances is something many can appreciate. With online casinos becoming increasingly popular and overshadowing their brick-and-mortar counterparts, more and more people are finding methods that can help increase the chances of winning tremendously. Listed below are just a few of these effective strategies that should aid you in beating the odds.

Make the bonuses a part of your allocated budget

Because online casino gambling tends to boil down to luck, attrition oftentimes plays a huge role in the game’s results. By taking advantage of the bonuses and promotions that most online casinos generally offer their players, you’ll have more resources to spend and far more chances to take on getting that desired win.

Know that not all of the games are the same

Not many people realise this but not all online casino games are the same, especially the slot games. The accumulation of losses often stems from our desire to stubbornly stick to the same game in the hopes of somehow winning, only to incur even more failure. The best course of action in these cases would be to try a different game in the same category instead as they may offer far better chances.

Go for smaller bets

One common mistake that new players usually make is going for broke and betting everything on a single game. This is an easy way not just to lose but end the gaming session until the budget has been recovered. While betting small may not necessarily yield the largest prizes, it can help a players familiarise themselves with the game by leaving some breathing room for losses that may be incurred in the process.

Don’t ignore the rules of the games

Instant gratification often leads us to overlooking instructions and rules, and playing the games blind. For some games, this isn’t necessarily a problem. For others that are based primarily on skill instead of luck such as poker, it can sap the budget as fast as the fun that the game was meant to provide. As tedious as it may be, reading up on the rules and instructions can help us make calculated decisions better, making the experience much more enjoyable.

Despite all of the advantages and benefits that online casinos have over the traditional and live forms of gambling, common sense still reigns supreme. Always remember to be pragmatic when gaming; moderation can help ease excess expenditure after all. It’s equally important never to forget that you’re playing for fun as this will keep the losses from mitigating enthusiasm and enjoyment.